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  1. Are you a student seeking for a home-based income source?
  2. Are you a professional looking for a high income and a source of income other than your 9 to 5 job?
  3. Are you a housewife and looking to work from home?
  4. Did you ever wish if you could work from the comfort of your bed?
  5. Are you a parent and looking for the best courses in the market?

Whether you are a student, a housewife, or a professional doesn’t matter. We have some huge strategies in our course for you to start your online business right now.

About Padho Bharat

Padho Bharat is an ISO (9001: 2015) Certified e-learning platform. It’s a global destination through which anyone can connect and gain knowledge from domain experts.

Here, operations are systematically and effectively performed, including the handling user’s information securely.
User’s can get high-quality learning experience through “Padho Bharat” platform.

Our mission is to help students achieve their objectives more effectively in a minimum cost involved by our smart learning solutions.

Affiliate Commission Structure GIGA Package

Earning Structure GIGA

Affiliate Commission Structure TERA Package

Earning Structure GIGA

Our affiliate system is specially designed for affiliate marketers, internet marketers and network marketers. This system will actually help you to generate 30 to 50 highly qualified leads organically using social media. You don’t need to spend money on any Paid Ads, we will train you in the live webinars of how to get leads. You don’t need to promote any product to your existing contacts or friends. Here you will learn how to identify your target audience available in Social Media platforms and generate leads.

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Actual Price Rs. 4999/-

Offer Price Rs. 499/-

Actual Price Rs. 9999/-

Offer Price Rs. 1499/-



Actual Price Rs. 2999/-

Offer Price Rs. 249/-

Public Speaking Course

Actual Price Rs. 4999/-

Offer Price Rs. 499/-

Personality Development Course

Actual Price Rs. 4999/-

Offer Price Rs. 499/-

Interview Skills Course

Actual Price Rs. 4999/-

Offer Price Rs. 499/-


When do I get paid?

You will get paid every Friday. If in case Friday is bank holiday, rewards get credited to your bank account next working day.

What is the payout generation date?

Payout generation date is every Monday evening.

If in case I want refund, what should I do?

You can request the Refund just within 4 Hours of the payment. No Refund will be given to the user following 4 Hours of procurement under any conditions. Refund Request email should be sent to refund@padhobharat.com within 4 hours of the buy. More information available on www.PadhoBharat.com refund policy page.

My payment deducted but account not activated.

If in case your payment has been deducted from your bank but your account is not activated. Please wait for at-least 24 hrs. If we receive your payment, your account will be activated in 24 hrs and if not, it means, the payment is failed and you will get refunded by your bank in 5-7 days. You can contact sales support from the Contact Support page available in the menu if you still have any questions on this.

Some doing fake promotion. What should I do?

If in case any of your OTT or Swift user doing fake promotions by any means, you can contact suspension@padhobharat.com and that user will get suspended immediately after verification.

What is OTT and Swift users?

OTT user is the one who is your direct affiliate user on the other hand Swift user is your OTT’s affiliate. OTT is like your friend and Swift is your friend of friend.

How much rewards I will get from my OTT and Swift users in GIGA?

For every OTT user, you will be rewarded with 300 points and for every Swift user you will be rewarded with 100 points.

How much rewards I will get from my OTT and Swift users in TERA?

For every OTT user, you will be rewarded with 1000 points and for every Swift user you will be rewarded with 250 points.

How many OTT users I can affiliate ?

You can create as many OTT users you can. For every GIGA OTT user, you will get rewarded with 300 points and for every TERA OTT user, you will get rewarded with 1000 points.

My payout is generated but i didn't get paid, Why ?

There may be following reasons for not getting paid :- 1:- Your KYC may not be completed. 2:- You may have entered wrong bank details like – Account name, Account number, Bank Name or IFSC Code.

I have entered my wrong bank details, what should I do ?

Bank details once entered cannot be changed. You have to contact Payments Department from the contact support page available in the main menu.

I have created account under my sponsor but I want to change, what to do?

Account once created, cannot be changed to other sponsor. So please be sure to create your account using your sponsor affiliate link only.

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