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Mobile Video Editing

Mobile Video Editing

Introduction of video editing, why is useful, how it works?

Frame ratio, Undo/redo, Zoom in/zoom out, Editing Tracks, Splitting and trimming, Trim window, Rearrange clips

Transitions, Clip control, Keyframe

Colour grade, Custom Lut, Adjustment

How to edit a Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Editing/Creating Instagram Post

Advance Video Editing, Editing a Vlog, Short Movie, Video for IGTV

Acoustic Guitar

Getting Started With Acaustic Guitar

basic introduction of the parts of a Guitar

beginners can also learn how to tune a Guitar

the essentials to begin playing an Acoustic Guitar

how to play various chords (including Major & Minor)

this is one of the best platforms through which you can easily learn to play a Guitar

Banking: key topics to focus on

Banking course provides you with a comprehensive understanding about the banking industry.

how to do proper planning for the exam preparation .

how to manage time during the examination.

different sections that are asked in a banking exam.

it also includes the important current affair topics

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/Diet for Beginners

Users can learn about daily diet plans.

How to getting started with fitness.

Before Go to GYM.

Daily routine diet chart and plan.

Yoga Course


Introduction to Yoga

Why we need Yoga in daily routine

Benefits of Yoga

Things keeping in mind while doing Yoga

Five very important Aasan’s to practice daily for healthy lifestyle

Get Certified!

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Mobile Video Editing






I am so glad I signed up for the Mobile Video Editing Course. I have dabbled in other mobile video apps before. But this course simply breaks down everything in such a fun way. Not to mention the lifesaver mobile shortcuts. If you wanna learn editing video from your mobile in a very easy, not time-consuming, and VERY FUN way, this is the way to go. I edited my Vlog from my mobile. Fantastic! Thank you Padho Bharat.

Shivam Agarwal

As a Vlogger, I’ve always relied on other editors to help my vision come to life. With this course, I feel so much more confident in my ability to create a polished video content to my audience. The pacing was incredible, I never felt overwhelmed or lost; Padho Bharat really made learning this skill fun.


Mobile video editing course is like a creative magical tool for me. It makes me shine. ✨

Ananya Verma

I have LOVED the Padho Bharat Mobile Video Editing Course; it’s finally given me the tools to express my weird & creative self the way I’ve visualized (or at least, closer to it). I was able to use the course to create several edited videos! I did all this from my mobile. Wao.

Piyush Khera
Indore, M.P

This course exceeded expectations. I now realise why I was struggling to produce videos. I didn’t understand the role of the preparation work, I didn’t understand how to use my camera and I only had a basic grasp of the editing process.Having a simple plan makes the process flow smoothly. I learned that making videos is about so much more than filming some stuff and hoping it’ll look okay. You could spend months, if not years, trying to learn this stuff through experience and on YouTube, or you can get someone who will tutor you through the process. Padho Bharat is my tutor now. I am really excited. Thank you.

Parul Tomar

My experience is great! I will and have referred my colleagues to Padho Bharat Courses. Thank you very much. I am very happy for becoming a part of this program.

Neeraj Pandey


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