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Public Speaking Course

Introduction & importance
Types of public speaking
Body language
The secrets of right pose
Voice modulation
The game of Voice
The process of story telling
The art of story
Crafting a speech
Ways to open and end the speech
Impromptu speaking skills
Tips and tricks for being an effective speaker

Personality Development Course

Personality & Importance
Know-hows of listening
Steps to become an active listener
Leadership skills
Role of body language as a leader
Role of Emotions & EQ
7C’s of communication
Dealing with stress
Self confidence
Tips to calm yourself
What is Time Management?
Time Management Skills
Tips of effective time management
Traits of Positive Personality
Getting the most from training

Interview Skills Course

3V’s of Communication
Non-Verbal Communication
Communication skills
The first impression
Image management
Presentation skills
Resume Writing
Creating your introduction
How to crack an interview?


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