Padho Bharat PETA

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Mobile Video Editing

Digital Marketing Overview

The Mobile Video Editing course provides you with:

Introduction & importance

Types of public speaking

Body language

Voice modulation

The game of Voice

The process of story telling

The art of story

Crafting a speech

Ways to open and end the speech

Impromptu speaking skills

Tips and tricks for being an effective speaker

Acoustic Guitar

Instagram Marketing

The Acoustic Guitar course provides you with:


Why Instagram

Choosing your niche

Creating your profile

Creating relevant content

Do and don’t of creating content

How to be disproved using hashtags

Growing your following

Understanding the algorithm

Working with brand fundamental

Instagram content plan

How to make content on your phone

Learning from your competitors

Posting and scheduling post from computer

Understanding Instagram statistics

Instagram Post mastery

Instagram reel mastery

Instagram Stories mastery

Conclusion - Keep your page running tips

Growing from 0to 100k

YouTube masterclass


Starting your first project

Researching your topic

Writing your scripts

Hooking your audience

Shooting your video

Editing your footage

YouTube channel from scratch

Uploading your first video

Understanding YouTube studio

Growing a successful YouTube channel

What type of video are successful

How to get discovered on YouTube

How to get more subscribers

How to get collaboration

Consistency is key

Live steaming - Youtube gaming

How to make a living out of YouTube

Final thoughts - keep growing

How to deal with sponsors

Fitness and Diet

Facebook Ads


The basic of Facebook ads

Creating and optimising a Facebook page

Facebook ad funnel

Installing Facebook pixel

Creating an ad part 1 - content

Creating an ad part 2 - Audience

Creating an ad part 3 - targeting

Facebook campain planning

Types of Facebook ads

Get leads

Local business ads + local traffic

Instagram ads on Facebook

Facebook insights


Yoga Course

The complete google ads masterclass


Setup your google ads account

How google ads work

What are networks

Setting up campaign - 1

Setting up campaign - 2

Locating targeting


Budget and bidding

Manual cpc

Ads schedule

Extension - 1

Extension - 2

Set up ads group

Goggle ads dashboard

Understanding keyword

Keyword research

Keyword planning

YouTube ads

Youtube keywords

Mangeing multiple ad accounts