Padho Bharat TERA

All below courses are in TERA Package

Actual Price Rs. 9999/-

Offer Price Rs. 1499/- + GST

Public Speaking

Introduction & importance

Types of public speaking

Body language

The secrets of right pose

Voice modulation

The game of Voice

The process of story telling

The art of story

Crafting a speech

Ways to open and end the speech

Impromptu speaking skills

Tips and tricks for being an effective speaker

Personality Development

The Personality Development course provides you with:

Personality & Importance

Know-hows of listening

Steps to become an active listener

Leadership skills

Role of body language as a leader

Role of Emotions & EQ

7C's of communication

Dealing with stress

Self confidence

Tips to calm yourself

What is Time Management?

Time Management Skills

Tips of effective time management

Traits of Positive Personality

Getting the most from training

Interview Skills

3V's of Communication

Non-Verbal Communication

Communication skills

The first impression

Image management

Presentation skills

Resume Writing

Creating your introduction

How to crack an interview?